HarvestPeak Dividend Portfolio

The HarvestPeak Dividend Portfolio is designed for investors seeking stable income through dividends, alongside potential for capital appreciation. Our portfolio targets well-established companies with a consistent record of dividend payouts and potential for growth, across diversified sectors.

Key Facts

Update FrequencyMonthly
ObjectiveDividend Income & Growth

Product summary

  • Focused Income Generation: Invests in companies offering stable and increasing dividends, aiming for reliable income streams.
  • Capital Appreciation Potential: While emphasizing dividends, the portfolio also seeks stocks with growth potential.
  • Risk Management: Diversification across sectors and asset classes to mitigate volatility and protect against market downturns.
  • Adaptive Strategy: Monthly portfolio reviews and adjustments to respond to market changes and maintain alignment with investment goals.


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5 Year


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Updated Apr 1, 2024. Next update in May 1, 2024.

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